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Thread: Billing Methods

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    Billing Methods

    Hi all,

    How do you (or your favorite host) handle billing of prepaid expenses vs. after-the-fact upgrades or surcharges? I'd like to improve our billing to be most customer-friendly.

    Right now, my company requires prepayment with the option to prepay for up to 12 months (earning a volume discount). Any upgrades must be purchased on the spot, in accordance with the prepaid account. In other words, if hosting is prepaid for five months, an e-mail upgrade must be purchased for five months or not at all. This becomes tedious if you're adding 24 e-mail accounts and asked to supply a credit card each time.

    And then there's the issue of surcharges. If bandwidth consumption generates a surcharge, how do you bill your customer for it? How long do they have to pay it? What's the response for failure to pay?

    Monthly billing would simplify things, but annoy some. AutoPay is the perfect solution, but we can't force everyone to use it. Or can we? ;-D There's so many options, my head is spinning - what do YOU do?

    Any input is greatly appreciated!


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    Monthly billing, pay per month, no automatic authorisations.
    They don't want to pay bandwidth overages (and are over the ~10-20GB 'grace period')? Yay, release the collection hounds.

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