I've been with jtl.net for 7+ years, I first came across them working for a company that used a dedicated server and was impressed with their level of support and services.

7 years later not much has changed...I think their website is still the same, they have reasonable prices but the 1 thing that kept me there for so long (their customer service) has been lacking. Their uptime has always been superb as well.

I had a client who called them direct to order a dedicated server and couldn't get through for 30+ minutes so he decided to go with another host.

His stance was "if I can't get through to order what happens when I have an issue".

I was kinda shocked as I had no previous experience like that - then again in recent years I've only ever submitted trouble tickets and on the rare occasion I called they always said to just send in a TT.

So I had an issue not to long afterwards - I called the tech line, sales, general line and no one would pick up. My trouble ticket wasn't getting answered and I got worried. About 2 weeks later our sites went down for a few hours due to problems on their end, I guess a few hours over a few years is not much downtime(I've experienced the horrors with other hosts and downtime prior to that).

The server I'm on is old...outdated and the control panel (Zervex) hasn't been updated in...years.

I have a lot of 'small business' sites, not anything to beefy but a lot of them have database, and a move (especially without cpanel) is going to be a pain.

The client who opted not to go with JTL went with iWeb, the service looks great and modern, it was easy to setup, etc.

My 'worry' is moving a bunch of sites then encountering problems...especially downtime. Then having to be stressed out and explaining to my clients why their sites aren't up.

I'm not looking to be cheap, but I'm also not looking to spend a ton - I pay about $99/month plus and additional $10 for backups for a very non-beefy server. I see the same price for services with much higher stats - but I wouldn't sacrifice price or stats for quality (aka uptime).

I do feel like I owe it to my clients to upgrade - even if it's getting another server with JTL that has cPanel and start slowly migrating them.

Eventually I will need another server...

So do I

a) Stick with JTL - outdated but good uptime & service but has been declining.

b) Keep the 1 server with them get another server somewhere else to "test" and start moving sites. What are reviews like on iWeb I've seen some negative ones in addition to the positive ones :\

I welcome your comments, opinions and thoughts! Thanks