Let Quality provider Swiftway help you with your bandwidth requirements.


Level(3) Bandwidth - All International Level(3) POPs

1 gigabit Level(3) dedicated flatfee port for only $3500,- / month and $2500 setup
3 gigabit Level(3) 95% on 10 gigabit port $9000,- / month and $ 8000 setup

COGENT - All North America POPs

5 gigabit Cogent 95% on 10 gigabit $5000,- / month and $ 5000 setup

HE.net - Selected POPs

1 gigabit HE.net dedicated flatfee port for only $500,- / month and $500 setup
3 gigabit HE.net 95% on 10 gigabit port $3000,- / month and $ 5000 setup

Why buy bandwidth trough Swiftway?

Many end users and providers alike will find that dealing directly with carriers and bandwidth providers can be very troublesome, slow and relatively expensive. We can help you to get the best prices from these carriers worldwide.
Swiftway and our partners already commit to large volumes of bandwidth from various carriers in worldwide locations. Use our purchasing power to get the best deals available.

We can help you with a quote for bandwidth from various networks:

  • Swiftway
  • Abovenet/MFN
  • Level(3)
  • Hurricane Electric HE.net
  • Cogentco
  • GBLX GlobalCrossing
  • TeliaSonera / Telia
  • KPN (Dutch Telecom)
  • Tiscali (TINET)

Just mail us at [email protected] with your requirements and if possible a target price and we will see what we can do for you.


Swiftway is a subdivision of Eureka Solutions and a provider of turn-key Internet services based in Europe.
These services include high-speed Internet access, website design, custom programming, server management, colocation, Hosted exchange/sharepoint, Streaming Media, Transit bandwidth and dedicated servers.
The company has been in continuous operation since 2003 and offers its services to demanding firms in over sixty countries the world over.

* Pay by Paypal, Moneybookers or Bank wire transfer
* Prices are excluding VAT.
Individuals and companies outside the EU do not have to pay VAT.
European companies with a EU VAT ID do not have to pay VAT.

* Our website: http://www.swiftway.net
* WHT wiki: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/wiki/Swiftway
* Mailto [email protected] for questions, orders or details.
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Contact Swiftway:

Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 0048 8574 1111 0 8:00 - 16:00 CET
Customers get a 24/7 emergency phone number!