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    Cool Evening Fellow Webbers

    Name: Mike
    Age: 24
    Some College, with ITTech training.
    Location: Lee Summit, Missouri, United States ( WOOT WOOT )

    Job: Sales // Public Relations // Support Tech

    Hobby's: I enjoy fishing, and boating on the lakefront with my kids and family. I take up a interest in guns, mostly rifles for hunting. Camping is also one of my more relaxing hobby's. I do enjoy fine wine, and lovely dancers. If you get my drift.

    Interest: My family is something that has always interested me, other then computers. I find that a computer right when I wake up is the best thing for someone. Knowning they can access there entire house from one click is just amazing and has always caught my view.

    Self Centered? : ME NAW! I just love COMPUTERS!!! BO-YAH!

    Experience: Way too much to list this welcome thing has gotten to long any ways. Basic'y if there is a problem I can solve it. If i can not solve it, I will tell you to wait 5 minutes as I do solve a problem and have a high right of being known to go that extra mile to climb that mountain.

    Well its great to be here, and I'm hoping to find and make some very new and interesting post and friends along he way as I try to build up a friendship with this community.

    J. Mike D

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    I saw your profile it looks interesting and impressive. Your qualification and interests also suits the forum. Welcome to WHT.

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    A couple points of interest are the forum guidelines and this answer guide.

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