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    Question php scripts cant locate filenames with spaces

    Hi and good morning guys,

    I have a fresh dedicated server that im currently configuring and needed a little help if I may ask.

    The problem is that i'm having a file naming issue.

    for example from the web I can access any file that does not have spaces of any type.
    this works fine and my php script can locate it

    But the problem is when I try to access a file that has spaces.
    /music/The Eagles - Hotel California.mp3

    my php script can't seem to locate any files like this with spaces but doesn't have a problem locating the files with no spaces.

    I also took a look at the directory within shell. I did notice that files that have spaces are showing up in this formatt in shell.

    #/home/~username/public_html/music/The\ Eagles\ -\ Hotel\ California.mp3

    In shell , i'm assuming that unix/linux maybe adds a backslash before spaces. But when I FTP to this same directoy, the filename look normal and at windows standard.

    how could I correctly access these types of files within my php scrits? or would I need to have all uploaded files renamed so that spaces are replaced with underscores maybe??

    any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    If the script searches the local file system first then maybe you need to escape the name string so to be exactly like your OS displays it...

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