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Thread: Enotch down ?

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    Enotch down ?


    Today (Apr 13 2011), I cant access my server @ enotch, nor the online control panel ( nor their website, from two different ISP...

    Anyone else confirming ?


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    Yes, I can confirm that they are down at this time.

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    its been back for 30 minutes, stable... host hasnt been restarted, I guess some connectivity issue !

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    We were shutdown due to a large series of abuse compliants (55 total) received by Cogent but intended for one of our large colocation customers. We were already working with Cogent on this matter but Cogent shutdown our uplink ports and transport link this morning due to this matter.

    The normal process is to contact us and/or Null0 route the offending IP as needed. We have our own IP space from ARIN but still utilize a /21 worth of IP space from Cogent which is why Cogent was able to take this action.

    Customers in our NYC2 Telehouse location were not affected by this issue. We have a plan in place to migrate all customers to our IP space in the upcoming weeks and to the NYC2 facility where we have additional transit providers.

    I am terribly sorry for the issues that this has caused all those who have been affected.

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    Thanks for the update...
    you werent down long enough for me to find an alternate supplier, so I guess this is a sign I should stay with you guys !

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerien View Post
    Thanks for the update...
    you werent down long enough for me to find an alternate supplier, so I guess this is a sign I should stay with you guys !
    i like that logic

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    Hi guys, this is my first post.

    I'm having trouble accessing and/or website.

    My VPS is up though but i want to perform some changes in the configuration and i'm not able to...

    do you guys have any idea of how long its been like that?

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    Same for me....

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    the control panel is not as annoying as the vps down... since Dec (when i signed up), I only saw this once

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    i managed to get the VPS up for almost 32 days with no issues (**fingers crossed**) because every once in a while it'd restart on its own... so at least the last month i did not need to login in the CP... i hope this issue gets solved quickly because if the VPS restarts or stays off... i'd be in big trouble...
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    my vps is down from the 9 may and now there main sites are not working. we can't even conatct them now

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    i see the DNS doesn't resolves to their IP address...

    # ping
    ping: unknown host

    thats my main concern. what if i lose the VPS connectivy and now i dont even have access to the Control Panel to reboot it?

    im doing an FTP backup of configuration and personal files just in case...

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    Yep. Can't get to my sites. Even email to support is not getting through.

    It would sure be less frustrating if enotch would host their own web site with someone else so it didn't go down when their servers go down. Not being able to contact them (I have hearing impairment so can't call) is scary.

    Doesn't it seem that they should have a way of sending us an email saying they are aware of the failure and what to expect rather than everybody going here to see if other customer's sites are down too? Then we could shut off wasted advertising until back up again. Common customer courtesy would require it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cutupguy View Post
    Yep. Can't get to my sites. Even email to support is not getting through.
    Enotch has informed their clients that they are working on the issue and it should be resolved as soon as possible.

    They are working things out with their internet service providers and hopefully all services should be up once the connectivity is restored.

    The only form of contact for them may be Phone Support if you have the number to contact them, but to be honest they are most likely going to inform you they are working on the issue.

    Thank You.

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    "Enotch has informed their clients..."

    I never receive any notification when they go down. When they get back up I'll have to ask why I'm not on the list.

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    me neither... do they have some kind of twitter/FB/anything else?

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    i did not received any thing from them too

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    Quote Originally Posted by derbal View Post
    i did not received any thing from them too
    i did not received any thing from them three

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