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    Web designer wanted for initial set-up

    I am looking for a website designer to provide a basic site template for me. The site is a mini-encyclopaedia of articles (of various length) on art, artists, movements, etc, which would be of use to collectors, art historians, researchers, innocent browsers, etc. I am looking for (1) a main front page design and (2) a standard template-page for each individual entry which I can then add the text content to.

    This is not a commercial site at all, so the front page, is just like the calling card, with images, couple of sentences of text, search function, contact us, possibly a couple of additional boxes to "featured" article as time goes on...

    At this stage, I do not really care what CMS is used I would prefer for the designer to choose the best one for both our needs, which I would then learn in more detail (I am only a beginner to websites). An encyclopaedia would supposedly imply Media Wiki, but I actually want to get away from that format, so that my site does not end up looking like Wikipedia (obviously a lot of the content will be similar). My various articles (hundreds!) can, in principle, be categorised (there are five or so main sections(, but I do not see why they could not be organised as "uncategorised" in Joomla, as they are really just, in total, a mass of varied information on the arts.

    I expect my site to develop over time, so this is like getting a plumber to do a job for you, then call him in the future to do other tasks.

    I already have my own logo and general concept worked out, which I can give to the designer as a starting point. He/she may or may not approve of it and can work it as they see fit.

    I already have my own domain and web host.

    Please write to me with quotes, information on yourself and any questions.

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    We are a web development company.We can do you work.I cannot PM you here.

    Email me details to penguinwebsoft[at]gmail[dot]com

    I will get back to you with our portfolio and a quote.

    Penguin Websoft

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    PM sent

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    Please contact - info[at]nuvodev[dot]com. Thank you.

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