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    Long connection delay in the first part of loading a page

    If you test my site in pingdom here, you will see a long 6-12 sec delay in the connection time

    -My db server is very healthy. Now it's even low peak hours and still slow
    -I've checked my DNS it's fine. I even directly test the site without using domain and it's still slow
    -I've checked mysql slow log and no slow query appears

    So what could be the issue?

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    Have you configured apache to log full qualified domain names instead of IPs? Or do you have some plugin that tries to determine geolocation of connecting IP?

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    Not sure on the apache log, but how can that help?

    We do not have geolocation plugin.

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    If your apache is configured with the option "HostnameLookups on" it can cause those delays.

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    yes it works! You're the man rds100

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