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    Need Help Getting a Reliable Dedicated Server

    Hello everybody,

    I recently signed up for Hostgator Dedicated Server
    And all I have been getting is terrible downtime

    I have to submit a reboot request almost every 3 days.

    Can you please suggest a reliable dedicated Service provider

    Am really stressed out with Hostgator( This company is terrible)

    Budget: $170, Linux Server, Server has to be Managed.

    I will appreciate your suggestions
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    Please give us more details on server config, location, budget, etc.
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    If you want an offer from us, you can post a topic at the request forum for dedicated servers. What kind of specs do you want?
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    Think of using dedicated server.
    They have high uptime and their support is responsive.

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    Well there's certainly a reason the server is having to be rebooted... From what I remember HostGator only offers a network uptime guarantee on the dedicated servers because otherwise you could do something silly and take it offline and then request credits.

    You may ask their support to look into WHY it needs rebooted rather than just having it rebooted. Beyond that - what kind of server specifications are you looking for?

    Dual Core? Quad Core? SATA disk(s)? SAS disk(s)? Raid/no raid? Ram? Uplink?
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    reboot server every 3 days... Choose a company that provides remote reboot and you will not have any problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BalticServers Andrius View Post
    reboot server every 3 days... Choose a company that provides remote reboot and you will not have any problems.
    Isn't that what all companies normally offer?

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    Wouldn't it be enough to issue a reboot from terminal via SSH?

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    If you seek for a new provider, maybe go for KVM, then you can access it anytime remotely and it also has a reboot option included
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    You can ask provider for KVM and remotely managed PDU.
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    Is it not worth asking hostgator to reinstall your server for you, and then try it again? What are you running on the server, could an application be crashing the server... it is windows after all
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    If your server needs to be rebooted every three days there's only two possibilities.

    1. You have a bad piece of hardware.
    2. You're overloading your server and need a more powerful box.

    What is your ticket number with us?

    I'd be happy to have one of my best take a look and tell you what's going on. If the problem is that your sites are overloading the server the only way anyone can help you here is by knowing what your server specs are and recommending a more powerful chassi.

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