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    Webmail or Email providers?


    When running a web host, do you use the webmail email provided or do you use a provider like Google apps or Hotmail to use as your email via their domain email services? Which is better in your opinion?


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    I would base it on the feature set that the provider has compared to what you need. Also check out their SLA and reputation.

    I previously used Gmail for all of my domains, but their SLA is a bit shady which was unsettling with me, so I went elsewhere for my email. I now keep my email at the same place regardless of where the domains are hosted.

    So really, based on what you need, what they offer, and track records.
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    The advantage to Google and their ilk is that they know what they're doing and are generally adequate at it, which is often not the case with e-mail from many webhosts.

    The disadvantage is that if you have custom requirements, you're absolutely out of luck, and when things go wrong you're unlikely to ever get a meaningful response from a human in a timely fashion. You're also pretty much locked into using them - I doubt Google will give you gzip'd tarballs of your Maildir if you choose to leave them for another provider, for instance...

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    I use Rackspace Email. Clients love it. - WordPress for all of us

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    I use WHMCS as an email interface with my client's. Customers send mail to our domain address, and then the notifications are sent to my gmail account. I still have copies of all mail in my own domain's web mail. I like gmail because of it's filtering features. I've had my mail setup like this for a few years now, and it works very well.

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    Gmail is good. I have used them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cape Dave View Post
    I use Rackspace Email. Clients love it.
    hmmm kinda expensive.

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    Personal, Webmail. Your own branding. Branding is everything.

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    I use my brand for my clients.
    I use Yahoo Mail Plus for my providers.
    Ask for Server IP & Nameservers IP to check if your reseller provider truly provides 100% white-label.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ankheg View Post
    ... when things go wrong you're unlikely to ever get a meaningful response from a human in a timely fashion...
    And why does that surprise you? Are you paying enough to get 24/7 human response?

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    I prefer my domain email because it looks more professional and genuine. If you are sending mail through your domain email people trust you more and its also more impressive.

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    Mostly i choose Email provider, like from my sites i choose Google apps, as its easy,secure,cloud and maintenance free.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chhit View Post
    hmmm kinda expensive.
    For 24/7/365 support, I think not Try that with Google - WordPress for all of us

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    Hosted Gmail and Google Apps truly is a great option. If you have less than 50 users (aliases not included) you're looking at it costing zero. It's a great way to set things up and you would be able to have the addresses be for your domain ([email protected]/net/org) even though the mail servers are Gmail. Quick and easy to setup and relatively maintenance free. The size of the mailboxes as well as all the other stuff you have that comes with it make it a winner and with less than 50 peeps it's FREE. For the handling of spam alone Gmail is outstanding.

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    I didn't know Rackspace offered email hosting... interesting.

    Google Apps is great.
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    In my experience for small clients or individuals google apps has worked wonders but for corporate kind of clients, they tried it then came back. Mainly because of their custom needs and round the clock support.
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    I use webmail provided by the hosting company as well as enterprise mail for another id as they have phone support.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vinayak_Sharma View Post
    In my experience... google apps... for corporate kind of clients, they tried it then came back...
    Google just loves corporates. They will try harder.

  19. Domain name email is prefered if SLA is good. Else I recommend google.

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    i recommend you use email from you domain, you know free is not always good

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    I will use webmail email provided to get email ID along with my website URL, free emails like, will not give professional image.

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    We tried Google Apps, but now we're using our own webmail housed on our web server for all of that.

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    I use my web's email then have all the emails send on that account forwarded to my gmail account.

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    I prefer to use my domain email, it looks more professional when talking to clients.

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    Hosted Gmail is "hosted," the mail servers are Gmail but the outward appearance is [email protected]. It's not the right solution for everyone but it is much more cost effective than using Exchange, handles spam like a champ and for less than 50 users simply can't be beat. Free, large amount of storage space per user and the Google docs, calendar and sites (for creating simple pages or intranets) are great to have as well.

    Set up correctly you could use hosted Gmail for work and no one would know the difference. It's also nice because it can be up and running in a day without the need for server admin or command line. If you're on shared hosting it really is a no brainer.

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    FYI Google has lowered the limit from 50 to 10 users for the free edition.

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    Google is okay... I use them mainly for backup. So many little "gotchas" that I don't want to deal with. So many that I eventually moved over to an exchange account.

    Currently I'm testing Microsoft's (Exchange/Sharepoint, free and nice website, etc for $6 a month).

    I'm 100% sure I'll move over to that when it is out of beta.
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    GApps or Rackspacemail depending on situation (anything important -> RS)

    GA knows what they're doing, is no-********, and Google pretty much never goes down.

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