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    DirectNIC - Domain Changed - No Contact

    Hello Fellow WHTers,

    I don't know what everyone else's experience is with DirectNIC, but today I just had the WORST experience I have ever encountered when dealing with domain names.

    The domain is not mine, however I was given access by the owner to take a look at it due to the fact that I run the website for him. First thing I see when logging in is that the domain itself is not listed anywhere in the account section.

    A whois on the domain lists DirectNIC as the contact(not the domain owner as it was a month ago--Checked due to the expiry coming up soon). In the Administrative contact, it lists "Domain, Fraud Related" as the name. As far as I know(waiting on confirmation from the domain owner) there was no contact to him regarding this problem, and he only found out by accessing the domain and getting a standard DirectNIC search page.

    Nothing fraudulent happens on this website I know that for a fact, just a simple(paid) vBulletin forum with vBAdvanced CMS.

    So I decided to chat with support, the answer I get: "There are no notes on the account, I do not know why the domain is in this state"?

    What kind of answer is that? Who doesn't keep notes on a account/domain for something as important as fraud, even if the only note is "Contact abuse for more info" or "Contact the FBI for more info and to turn yourself in"

    So, I ask if there is anyone I can speak with to get this resolved immediately, the answer? "Everyone went home in that department tonight, sometimes they log on late at night so you may get a response around 10 or 11 PM"

    Suffice it to say, I am definitely moving the domain to my Enom regardless of the outcome as soon as I have access to it, as I generally have 3-4 hour MAX turnaround on simple/non important problems.
    Dan Sheppard ~ Freelance whatever

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    Just a update, this was resolved over the phone with a support rep yesterday, however the experience itself was less than desirable.
    Dan Sheppard ~ Freelance whatever

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    it's not the first horrible story, that i most read about DirectNIC. hope your transfer to enom will working fine. and is fine too.

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