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    Anyone ever used Hudson Valley Host?

    I was just wondering if anyone ever used Hudson Valley Host for any type of hosting services? They offer a wide range of services and are also popular on ebay, I just want to find out any reviews on here if possible. Thanks!

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    they are hosted in hostdime in florida.. with 281 domains that are using their name servers I would assume thats a dedicated server.

    other then that I do not know anything about them.

    impo, just talk to hostdime/surpass hosting if you are looking for reseller hosting.

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    I never used this but I alos never heard any complain about this. If you have decided to stay with hudson then you shoul continue with them.

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    We are using Hudson Valley Hosting and I can tell you the support is fantastic. People there treat you more as a human being and go all out to help. Service is great also.
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    I have a VPS with them, had it about 4 months and I have had no dramas with them.
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