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    Red face Income from dedicated server?

    I am wanting a windows dedicated server but would like to help offset some of the monthly costs somehow. I don't want to start a web hosting business and selling services off it, but is there anything else I can do to help generate income, perhaps "rent" out some of the servers resources or something? I'm only looking to make $20 or so a month in income, just a tiny bit to help offset some of my costs.

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    Perhaps you shouldn't consider a Windows dedicated server but a Windows VPS?

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    The dedicated server I am looking at is $40 a month and is a dual core (non-atom) with 2 GB Ram and 250 GB HDD and 1500GB traffic. The reason I don't want to go with a VPS is because they offer very little disk space and aren't much cheaper than what I am looking at now, plus in my experience they aren't nearly as stable.

    In addition, the provider I am looking at now will give me 5 IP's which I plan on using some of them for VM's of my own... can't run VM's inside a VPS.

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    Say split your server by 4 with 384MB each taking into account overhead, each client would get only 375GB of bandwidth.
    Since you need the space my guess would be you offer 20GB of space to each user. And your plan looks very similar to those $1-$3/month Linux VPS.

    And I would suspect a $40 Windows server that is not Atom to have less than decent network performance, probably a dual core pentium, which wouldn't be competitive at all for VPS performance.
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    Just as a FYI, the server is:

    AMD Opteron Dual-Core 2Ghz (Denmark)
    2GB Ram
    250GB Hard Drive
    2TB of Bandwidth
    5 Usable Ip's (/29)
    Server grade Hardware (Supermicro)
    Remote IPMI Options

    I plan on using the server mostly for Gallery Server Pro which will hosts photos, videos, documents, etc and some ASP CMS's.

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    If you need an extra $20 to pay for half the server, then I would suggest getting a part time job of some kind. earning the $20 that way is going to be a lot less work than finding someone who wants to split half of a bargain basement server with you. Or you can find some kind of website to run on the server that can bring in $20 / mo in ad revenues. Any kind of site that can bring in at least 1000-2000 visitors a day should be able to do it.
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