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    * Choosing a host by ping

    I have a question regarding ping time.
    when I (from Canada) ping some of my websites that are hosted in Germany I receive 23-28 ms when I ping to almost all hosts in US I get 120-200 ms is that normal? Am I getting better server response time from Germany and Holland?

    If yes, then is it wiser to get (keep) hosting from Germany or Holland instead of US?
    (hell I get 133ms ping in toronto form toronto)

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    Ping really isn't a reliable way of measuring how fast a site is. For one because some people (such as ourselves) don't put the main website on the same network where customer sites go.

    Your best bet is to find test download links and testing speeds that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by verbotten View Post
    ....when I (from Canada) ping some of my websites that are hosted in Germany I receive 23-28 ms
    Not sure how, I don't even get latency that low from the UK.

    Are you sure the actual server/ s are in Germany?
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    Thanks for clarification.

    Well I'm such a nub.

    Well for one I used ping soft that checks ping from Sweden not from Canada, thus the odd numbers. I got different ping using CMD.
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    Here's 1 thing... You should know where your viewers are mostly located at and choose the best place to host them based on that. DO NOT say oh... just because I stay in "Nepal"(just an example), I need to have the server in "Nepal" because it's faster for me when your viewers are having a hell of a time trying to view it coz the connection is bad.

    That's 1 of the most important thing to consider.

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    I like to test hosts with Hyper Spin's website checking tool; located at the top of their site. It will give you a nice graph with DNS speeds, connection times etc from locations around the world. I also recommend that you sign up with them for a free account, so you wouldn't need to enter the captcha code with every check. If you get a paid account; besides being notified of downtime you will also have access to performance graphs over time. Ping is good but it just doesn't tell the whole story.

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    You can't rely only on pings

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    I highly discourage this idea.

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    I don't think it is wise to depend on the ping result only. As nerdie said the better method is to request for a speed test link. Another and may be one of the best methods is to try it in real time. A reputable host with a money back guarantee would help you to do this IMO.

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