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    Directories submission?

    Directories submission have two type of links
    which link is better for faster approval.
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    There are usually three type of links in directories

    1) Featured (Almost 100% Paid On Every Directory, It usually has fastest approval rate but costs very high)

    2) Regular (Paid on some directories, free on some. If paid, then chances are that webmaster will approve it fast. If free, then it might take few days, weeks or even months depending on how webmaster treats it).

    3) Reciprocal (Free on Most directories, Many directory owners never approve free reciprocal links or once in every few months. It has the worst approval rate in my opinion).
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    If you want free submission then go for reciprocal if you want faster approval otherwise go with paid one means featured
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    Reciprocal directory submission is better for faster approval but is is two way link building process and due to this not much worthy. Therefore most of the seo experts and webmaster go for regular directory submission.
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    Well for my last projects didn't submit my sites in any directory. Just went with good SEO and Facebook promotion!
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    Read those directories' TOS, of course reciprocal ones are quick, but I won't recommend that, it's not worthy.
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    By studying articles, forums threads and reading materials written by experienced people who have tried out directory listings, you will notice it is better to stay away from reciprocal types of links, especially the ones coming from certain commercial directories.

    Two way links were some years ago very powerful in terms of helping websites getting better ranks and higher PR scores but today, only one way links are considered to be truly powerful.
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    i have 3000 thousand directories list if i put my website as regular link then do wait for one month so i think its not bad ..
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    Always choose regular links, directories will help you to increase your PR.
    Directories will send limited number of traffic, you cant expect huge traffic from directories
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