Have a cpanel / plesk server ? Run a hosting company and are having issues that you cannot resolve or need an admin to take a look at something and fix it but cannot afford to hire an admin? I am the guy. You get my email and aim instant messenger and if you are a recurring customer even my phone number. I am a very reasonable guy and if something is easy for me ill easily pass the cost onto you. Want to reduce server loads? Ill optimize your apache/php setup. Server overloaded and want to know what you can do to fix it? I can take a look at your server and see who is causing load issues and suspend them . Monitoring and issues with php scripts are all my specialty. I also work with vps nodes if you have issues with vps setups.

I do not charge much as this is more like a part time hobby for me.

if you need help with something and do not want to empty your pockets shoot me an email at [email protected]

100% American,