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    INNO DB Question

    I converted several tables to INNO DB and there is a strange thing when it shows the number of records.
    Each of the tables has the ~ before the number of records.
    ie, this example;

    en_products ~480,046

    Also, If I refresh the PHPMyAdmin I notice that all 4 INNO DB Tables change their actual values. I can hit refresh multiple times and the number of records literally shows a different number with each refresh.

    Any ideas?

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    That means the result you see is an approximation, which is a number determined by phpMyAdmin very fast, without scanning the table itself.

    If you wish to see the exact number, you need to run something like this: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM table_name;

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    It's an estimation.

    Edit: I was too slow.

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    So this isn't bad then. I notice my DB is very very fast now but the numbers had me worried.

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    Being MVCC at any given time the answer could be one of a bunch of different numbers anyways.. COUNT() or not.

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    As the others have stated, this is completely normal.

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    excellent thanks

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