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    Reseller domains...who hosts?

    Say I have a reseller hosting account, which also allows me to be a domain reseller. Who would host the domain if I were to sell one? Would the hosting go to myself, or would it go to the company that I host from?

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    When someone registers a domain through your website, its upto them if they would want to host with you, or with your actual hosting provider or neither of them.
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    Customers who register a domain through you can host it anywhere they want. In reality, however, few people will register their domain through a reseller unless they also intend to host with them. The reverse is not true. Some people will not want to register a domain from the same provider where they host, and they will generally register directly through an accredited registrar. Those people seem to be in the majority around here, but in my experience they are in the minority in the wild. So the bottom line is that few people will host with you because they registered their domain through you, but many will register their domain with you, because they want to host with you.
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    It depends on buyer that he/she also want to host purchased domain through you want to host on your hosting or move to other hosting company. You have reseller hosting account but you are allowed to resell domain. Reselling hosting and reselling domain is completely two different things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNVERSE1 View Post
    Who would host the domain if I were to sell one?
    Whomever the A record in the DNS Zone points at
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