Ready to take a nap? Read this:

rackAIDís state of the art facilities, cutting edge hardware, and gigabits of connectivity make us the right place to host your businessÖ. Zzzzzzzzz

I thought so.

If you want to continue playing the ping, power, pipe game, head over to those other hosting sites and start calling.

If you want to run your business instead of servers, then read on.

We donít care about gigabits of bandwidth if you only need megabits. We donít care about solid state disks if you only need serial ATA. We donít care about terabytes of storage if you need gigabytes.

So if we donít care about ping, power and pipe, what the heck do we care about?

We care about making sure IT doesnít hold your business back.

I know, simple.

With rackAIDís business-centric hosting, we will help you:

  • Align your hosting needs to your business goals.
  • Mitigate risk of using IT services by building disaster recovery plans.
  • Focus on long term ROI for your IT investments.

Ready to move ahead?

Get in touch with us by phone or online and see if our managed Linux hosting service is right for you.

ďWe have been pleased with the reliability and responsiveness that Rackaid has provided over the years. In addition, your recommendation for a new server has worked out extremely well, in terms of uptime and general stress levels. For the first time, we're actually confident in our server.Ē Cory H // MorePro Marketing