Looking for social media application developers (facebook) and mobile app developers (ios/android/blackberry/windows mobile).

I am interested in working with freelancers or small companies to develop on a per-project basis. You must have a portfolio and/or links that you can show me of your work.

If interested, PM me with the following information:
1. What type of mobile & social media app development can you offer? (see list above)
2. Years of experience?
3. What is your hourly / per-project rates (do not ask my rates or the job rate....give your rates for hourly work and/or provide some estimates or ranges with links to past projects)
4. Where are you located?
5. Are you a company or freelancer?
6. If you are a freelancer, how often do you work:
i. in school or have a career and freelance part-time?
ii. freelancing full-time?
iii. other - please explain
7. How old are you?
8. What hours do you typically work and in what timezone ?
9. Link to portfolio / work / resume

Generic replies without the above information will be ignored. I will reply to everyone that I am interested in working with.