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    Price Parity between Win and Lin

    Hi all,

    hope your well and having a good day.

    I got a question about the difference in pricing when purchasing hosting. Most companies have a difference between Windows and Linux however some people are now moving to the model where they are the same price.

    Will price parity between the 2 OS's really make a difference to a hosters sales?

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    Price parity does not make a difference, however, supply and demand is what makes the difference in a sale. Few users required Windows Hosting only and the Majority can use either Windows or Linux. This made a demand for Windows Hosting where the supply was not as high so the prices for Windows Hosting was initially higher. However today because of supply and demand, hosting providers who offer both Windows and Linux have leveled their prices to compete in the market.

    Hope this helps.

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    Keep in mind Windows hosting requires licenses as well so it costs more to run a Windows provider.
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