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    Exclamation Domain pointing


    After reading about feedbacks of knownhost i sign up VPS2 package.
    While sign up i was asked either to register new domain or use it with existing domain.

    Since I have my domain already registered i choosed using it with existing domain name and signup process completed with payments too.

    They also activated my account and performed whatever necessary and asked me to create and with some given ips on my registar.

    I Logged in to my registar panel[From PublicDomainRegistry] and searched for creating those. I even don't know what are they called so just browsed and searched all but didn't find any good one.

    Later as per suggestions from few people i got to know that they are name servers...

    I changed the nameservers to and but i didn't find place to enter ip also... anyway without caring i saved but i got error invalid name server. Now I am in trouble.

    I searched and found one section called child name server.
    I entered and its ip and saved. similarly did for

    again returned to name server section and wrote and and saved. this time it got saved. Quite happy.

    I waited for 2 days but still no domain working... I even asked for support from but got very bad response citing that i am a client of some xxx company so contact that email address for support.

    so what can be done with publicdomainregistry and my problem

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    Assuming the domain is, it's working fine here?

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