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    Arrow Hosting for live streaming site?

    I wanted to know what kind of hosting I would need if I wanted to start a site similar to Justin(dot)tv but instead of having members of the site stream their own channels, I will stream the channels, which is about 50 of them.

    The first site I've visited so far is Onyx(?) hosting, but they want 150 bucks for 200 concurrent connections. Which is basically 200 visitors to my site.

    Sorry if this question sounds stupid, as I know too little about web hosting and servers. What do I need?

    ADDED: I just came across a site that uses RTMFP P2P video streaming. Do you guys think this will work?

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    I suppose that you need at least dedicated server to get that working.
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    You'll need hosting that supports live streaming like Red5, etc. For best uptime/performance, you may be better off getting your own VPS or Dedicated Server.

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    I'll advice a vps, so you can stream without issues.
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    better choice get your own VPS or Dedicated Server.
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    You couldn't host this with a shared account, you would definitely need a dedicated server to get a site like this running smoothly, or at least start with a good VPS while you build some traffic.
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    Maybe a small VPS for the site itself and a CDN for live streaming.
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    Agree: the VPS or a dedicated hosting solution is good for you. Or maybe some accounts which are designed for streaming.

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    try cheap cdn's

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    @flam316 and @BenRohed its right VPS is the best solution for your needs.

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    Keep in mind 200 concurrent connections does NOT mean 200 visitors. It just means 200 at the same time.

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