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    Web Hosting Solution

    Currently I host 10 web applications and 7 web sites for our company and our clients. The web applications are mission critical. The web applications and sites are hosted on one server windows server 2008 that consist of IIS, SQL, FTP, internal dc, internal DNS, and internal DHCP. I am working on virtualization project that would distribute the roles on the one server into multiple virtual servers. We have an office overseas that will need access to the web applications and sites to do the programming and design. Right now, they use RDP and FTP to login to the server. I am trying to stay away from the RDP method. I was thinking about implementing Enkompass to have a centralized solution. But I think this might be over kill. Let me know if Iím wrong and if there are any other solutions that might fit my requirements.
    I am the sever administrator and donít really get into the design or programming aspect things.

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    Hello ,

    I would suggest RDP as the most convenient method . Is your server on the internet or are you using it only for Internal purpose. One more option I would suggest you is changing the RDP port for security reasons . Further more you can refer the URL on how to change the RDP port on a windows server

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    This server is on the internet. You suggest keeping how i currently have it and just use rdp and ftp?

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    Then Rdp is best for you...

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