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    Redirect problem on IIS

    I have a problem after updating a table in a MySQL database.
    On IIS web server, it fails.
    Locally, on my Apache server, it works fine:


    PHP Code:
    $updateGoTo "freelancer_list.php"


    PHP Code:
    $updateGoTo "freelancer_details.php?id=" $row_rsFreeLancer['freeid'] . ""

    Any ideas?
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    You are going to need to post what that UpdateToGo variable it used for.

    The issue most likely isn't you setting the variable but rather how the redirect which uses the variable works.

    Copy and paste where that $updateGoTo variable is used for the actual redirect.

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    hello ,

    It may be a server side issue or it may be a problem with the connection string or please try tel netting to port 3306 from outside . If you let me know the exact error you are getting May be I can tell you the fix .

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