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    Need a second owner.

    I need a second owner willing to do everything i do e.i create accounts.Read reply and support customer emails. Fix and build servers general upgrades at datacentre ect. site install and upgrades. Promotion the lot.

    I have a large amount of custom already and 8 hosted servers, And can all be proven. Customer reviews on request.

    Site currently running: - VPS/Dedicated/Resellers. - VPS and colocation.

    New site for yoove is currently getting build and to be released next few days and many other domains needed to be setup - willing to invest and put in the hours.

    Forms need to be signed for 50% of the sites/business's. Please don't ask inless you 100% on signing.

    You will recive 50% of everything profits servers ect ect.

    Email if your intrested.
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    Cleveland, TX.
    Any preference on where the partner is located? What's your email address to email you?

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    Im very much interested and more over I am looking for the same. Please contact me petegarry[at] Awaiting for your mail.

    thank you.

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    Weren't you just trying to sell your company for $650 two days ago?

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