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Thread: Missing space

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    Missing space

    I have a hard drive in my server that's 250GB, so I would assume about 220GB I should have, well I've filled the drive with about 100GB of data and now I'm getting low disk space warnings, the results of du -sm /* -h| sort -nrk 1 are the following,

    389M /root
    244K /script
    102G /home
    69M /etc
    29M /sbin
    28K /dev
    25M /lib
    20K /selinux
    16K /lost+found
    8.0K /tmp
    7.6M /bin
    5.1M /boot
    4.0K /srv
    4.0K /service
    4.0K /opt
    4.0K /net
    4.0K /mnt
    4.0K /misc
    4.0K /media
    4.0K /command
    1.6G /usr
    1.5G /var
    0 /sys
    0 /proc

    Anyone have any idea where my lost space may be? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    What does df -h report?

    It could be that the filesystem has gotten confused, in this case an fsck might sort it out
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    Yea.. Reboot the server and run a fsck.

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