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    Should all pages be their own folder?

    I recently came across a website developed by my company where all the pages were setup as index.html files in their own folder. I had never heard of doing this, but the developer described this is how he had been doing it for years for SEO purposes and was surprised I had never seen it. This is how it is setup:

    Instead of:

    it is:
    (or just

    Any truth to this? I've never seen this approach,and I don't see how this would necessarily benefit unless index.html pages are given greater weight.

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    I'm not sure about the SEO benefits, but wouldn't it be much more efficient to just do some rewrites so you don't have to have a folder for every file with every file being named index.html?

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    this is said to improve SEO a bit but its really better and easier to use simple url rewrites. The benefit of this method is that, when search engines visit they can understand that "page.html" falls under "section".
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    Thank you both for your replies. This seems to be something that would be handled more easily with rewrites but I'm guessing this approach was taken since the website goes on a client's server and not ours.

    I've used the domain/section/page.html setup for SEO in the past, and it works well. It's moving all the pages to their own folders and setting them up as index.html that has me confused. I would think it would be a much bigger hassle than it's worth, if it's worth anything. I can't find anything online suggesting this is a good SEO approach, but the developer is convinced to it's effectiveness.

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    yes it will be good for rewriting and for SEO purpose also but don't make copies of images in all pages folder as it will make your website loading slow

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