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    Branded Your Hosting Manager with Your Company

    Imagine having your own Hosting Manager software branded with your company logo to sell or give away for Free!

    Customer loyalty can be the most critical business phenomenon for a web host. It takes a while to build goodwill with your clients but there are small, yet effective, ways to help it. Large companies give away T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other things that we use every day, for free. Might sound like advertising but it actually helps the customer associate with the brand and the organization.

    We provide you a similar opportunity with our user friendly HTB Hosting Manager to establish your brand. You can offer it for free to all your clients and every time they use it they will see your logo and website URL and associate with it.

    What this software does:
    The end user will receive a self installer executable file with your branding -- our name does not appear anywhere. Then you can login to cPanel, WHM or webmail using your user name, password and domain name without going to browser -- all right they in the computer.

    * Logo of your webhosting company in the program and additional icons, copyright information
    * Login option, allows for secure login to their cPanel, WHM, or Webmail account
    * Additional links to your helpdesk, billing department, etc. makes contacting you easy and hassle free.
    * Unlimited distribution through your webhosting companyís website

    Click Here

    We continue to develop and improve the Software based on your feedback. Just drop by our forums to see the active community we have and the responsiveness to our userís requests and suggestions.

    To order Click Here

    We accept all major credit cards through Google checkout as well as PayPal.

    Chat with us through live support or send in a ticket if you would like more information or go to here.

    There you will find all your questions answered.
    WHMCS Services - sales (at)
    WHMCS Development | WHMCS Addons / Modules

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    Here is demo that you can try out click Here
    WHMCS Services - sales (at)
    WHMCS Development | WHMCS Addons / Modules

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