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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for a script that can email a group of players and confirm if they are able to play on a certain date.

    The use is: my pickup hockey team has 15 players, and I need to know who is going to be coming to a game so I can setup lines and get spares of if needed.

    Does anyone know of a PHP or ASP script that can do this? I have my own hosting already.


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    Wouldn't it be easier to e-mail them all yourself and await their reply?

  3. If you simply want to send batched emails then yes you can just e-mail them using a CC but if you really want it scripted then I'd just create PHP script and use an array to hold all the player's email addresses then call the php mail() function.

    Personally for 15 end users I wouldn't bother, create a distribution group or something.


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    okay, thanks!

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    your knowelge lol
    just to tell you that if you host provide is free probally the mail function will be disabled and paid may limite you to so may emails
    though with only 15 i dont think you will have a problem lol

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    copy and past code from phps website
    just search php mail on google and go to phps website

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