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    Please review my new logo

    Hi all,

    I got a new logo for VPS business at

    I would appreciate your comments and reviews.

    |Affordable Prices|Premium Hardware
    |Instant Set Up|OpenVZ Virtualization
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    Looks good, but what does it represent other than a bunch of squashed servers in a funky way?

    Just thinking more about brand awareness rather than a cool logo
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    look very good unique logo
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    looks good... *10 years in the hosting industry *
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    nice look to it

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    Looks good, but I'm going to have to agree with lynxus.
    I don't really understand what the three lines are trying to represent. If its servers, why do you have them bent?

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    I think it's unique enough to brand - but I also wonder about the reasoning behind the lines?
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    Yes actually I agree with most of you the graphic is a bit strange.. dont knwoif I should keep it or not.
    |Affordable Prices|Premium Hardware
    |Instant Set Up|OpenVZ Virtualization
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    Nice and unique Logo

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesignLook View Post
    Nice and unique Logo
    Thanks, in fact I changed the server icon in the logo some days ago.
    |Affordable Prices|Premium Hardware
    |Instant Set Up|OpenVZ Virtualization
    Visit Us!

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    very simple.. very plain.. it does the job but its not something ill remember
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    Nice done ..Good work but you can more work on it to get nice impression .Good luck

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    Yes, unique, but not "brandy" enough

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