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  1. #1 -- 3 Server Special! -- Quad Core Xeons from $89 / mo! is having a special offer on 3 dedicated servers. One with x3430 cpu, one with x3440 cpu, and one with x3460 cpu. Starting at $89 / $99 / $109 per month, respectively. Once they're gone, they're gone!

    Order Now:

    Why Choose I/O Flood?

    • I/O Flood is run by real systems administrators. We love servers, and we love bandwidth. As such, our servers are intended for serious, high usage customers. Let our experts help you pick the best package for you and optimize your server for maximum performance.

    • Managed service available. We all get stumped and need some help from time to time. Our managed services are simple: ask us for help, we'll help you. The catch? We're sysadmins, not programmers, so we won't reprogram your buggy php scripts for you. We will optimize your server for you or other wise "fix stuff", or migrate your sites, or "whatever". Just ask. We don't bite.

    • What if you don't like our service? Then we don't expect you to pay us. We'll give you a refund, and you can find a new hosting provider, no hard feelings.

    • No resellers, no middlemen, no nonsense. We own all of our own hardware and run our own network, so you have one point of contact for any questions or concerns.

    What are customers like you saying about I/O FLOOD?

    Our feedback speaks for itself:

    Gabriel provided me with some excellent service without even being a customer of his. For this, I was very greatful. In being online for over 11 years, I have not come across service like this, especially when everyone is trying to make a quick buck.

    Support is where ioflood really shines. I’ve initiated three or four tickets. Every ticket was answered and resolved within minutes. I had one ticket because of a fatal error of memory size on wordpress sites. Gabe offered to fix it himself or guide me through the process. I elected to do it myself based on his troubleshooting of the issue. His instructions were great, and the problem was quickly solved. It is such a relief to have capable professionals taking care of my sites.

    A big +1 for I moved from dedicated to a custom VPS plan, and the performance of my sites actually increased. Gabe ... is relentless in customer service & hand holding if needed. My initial email contact with him spanned over 80 messages back & forth. On top of it all, I don't think the guy sleeps. Email/ticket responses are fast no matter what time of the day.

    Other reviews:

    Order Now:

    Base Server Specs:

    Intel Xeon X3430 Quad Core CPU
    4GB DDR3 ram
    1TB Western Digital Black Hard Drive
    Supermicro motherboard and chassis

    Bandwidth options:

    2,000 GB /mo on 100mbps port: $89 / mo
    10,000 GB /mo on 100mbps port: $129 / mo
    Unmetered 100mbps (up to 30,000gb / mo) $159 / mo

    Order now:


    Available upgrades:

    X3440 Quad Core Hyperthreaded CPU: $10 / mo
    X3460 Quad Core Hyperthreaded CPU: $20 / mo

    8GB Ram: $10 / mo
    16GB Ram: $30 / mo

    Hard Drives:
    Upgrade to 2x1TB Hard Drives: $10 / mo
    Upgrade to 4x1TB Hard Drives: $30 / mo
    Upgrade to 120GB Intel SSD: $20 / mo
    Upgrade to 2x120gb Intel SSD: $40 / mo

    Cpanel: $30 / mo
    Server Management: $30 / mo

    R1Soft Backups:
    100GB Space + license: $24.99 / mo
    200GB Space + license: $34.99 / mo
    500GB Space + license: $49.99 / mo

    IPs: 1 free, each additional $1 / mo each. More than 8 ips requires prior approval, please email (sales [at] for details on >8 ips.

    Configure and order your server here:

    Test IP:
    Test URL:
    Terms of Service:

    Servers are located in the state of the art PhoenixNap facility in Phoenix, AZ.

    To order:

    To ask us any questions, please email (support [at]

    Or contact me directly:

    Gabriel Ramuglia
    email: gabe [at]
    skype: funkywizard
    phone: 702-482-8064


    We often have other Dedicated Servers, VPS's, and Colocation options available: see our previous sales threads (search for IOFLOOD). If you need anything custom, we'd be happy to make a custom quote as well.
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    Email: sales [at]
    Skype: iofloodsales
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    unmetered inbound?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyb View Post
    unmetered inbound?
    yes, unmetered inbound
    Phoenix Dedicated Servers --
    Email: sales [at]
    Skype: iofloodsales
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    Include IPMI/KVM over IP with dedicated lan port?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzch View Post
    Include IPMI/KVM over IP with dedicated lan port?
    That can be provided upon request. By default we keep IPMI on a private, employee-only network for security reasons, but IPMI can be made accessible to customers who ask for that.
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    the x3430 has been sold, leaving only the x3440 and x3460 server available.
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    The x3460 has been sold out, just leaving the x3440 now.
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    If you have not already contacted me regarding one of these servers, then they are sold out for the next week or so. We will work to get everyone set up who has already contacted us as interested in the servers, even if they have not yet placed an order, but we cannot take any more sales leads right now.

    We are planning to have more x3440's in stock, and maybe one or two x3460's, and some i3's within 1-2 weeks.
    Phoenix Dedicated Servers --
    Email: sales [at]
    Skype: iofloodsales
    Backup Storage VPS --

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