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    Extreme server load prevention?

    Does anyone know how you can automatically suspend users if they exceed a certain CPU or memory usage on cpanel/whm server?

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    Its better to write a script for that.

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    Or try cloudlinux.

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    can someone give me the script for this, or point me in the right direction in writing one?

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    limits a a lot of stuff in a shared environment like cpu usage, memory usage, simultaneous connections etc.

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    I think if the users exceed the usage they will start getting error. There is no need to block as such.

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    Actually, that is not true. Depending on the server, your users can eat too much of your memory and bring down the entire server, unless you have specific memory limits placed on an each account.

    In which case they would not see any error message.

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    Extreme server load prevention

    Its about time that Microsoft made this update. They have been one of the only browsers without a popup blocker for years.


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