XSLTel Hosting Services

Offering free Server/VPS management

  • Installing cPanel on centos optimizing, configuring, securing
  • Installing everything required to run Clip-Bucket Script CentOS only (ffmpeg,ffmpeg-php,flvtool2,mencoder, etc...)
  • Installing Rtorrent/Rutorrent on CentOS/Apache
  • Installing Transmission Bittorrent on CentOS
  • Installing VPN on CentOS
  • Securing /tmp, /dev/shm, /var/tmp
  • Optimizing MySQL for low memory footprint
  • Optimizing SSH and Replacing password Authentication with SSH Keys for better security
  • Upgrade Password Hashing Algorithm to SHA-512
  • Configure Logging & Log rotation
  • Installing CSF Firewall and configuring it whether on Server with cPanel or not
  • Unload unneeded Kernel Modules
  • Disabling unneeded services like cups, xfs, etc...
  • Verify that All World-Writable Directories Have Sticky Bits Set
  • Find Unauthorized World-Writable Files
  • Find and Repair Unowned Files
  • Increasing Swap File size for better performance
  • Disable Prelink because it provides a stable address for an attacker to use during an exploitation attempt
  • Configuring cPanel DNS Clustering
  • Installing and Setting UP your own DNS (Bind) Server if you have panel-less Server
  • Installing and Setting UP Apache & MySQL & PHP
  • Installing and Setting UP Nginx & MySQL & PHP
  • Installing and Setting UP Lighttpd & MySQL & PHP.

Also if you have any inquiry that is not listed above you can ask us.
We do this because we like to be the first company who offer this service for free


  • If we solved your problem don't ask us how we done that also if we couldn't solve it please don't flame us as this service is free.
  • you are limited to 3 requests per day
  • Don't ask us for live support if we feel we will need that you will be notified
  • no support for pornography websites.
  • no support for other hosting companies owners, but the client can contact us directly.
  • this is free service can take 1-72 hours to response your requests.

  • English/Arabic Support available atm.
  • we are seeking for staff who wants to work in this small project, if you are interested contact me

Simply open ticket from here containing your problem details