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    Looking for a remote file server setup

    Right now we have a old box that we use for file server purposes. All of our computers have a mapped drive to that boxes shared folder (linux running samba). We work directly off of this, and it works fine, but we need to be able to access it outside of the office, and because of our internet situation (shared internet with another business), we cannot simply get a static ip.

    I started looking at ways to use the cloud for file server usage, and found egnyte, but have had speed problems and their copying from ftp to shared directories seems to be broke (and by what I have read, has been broken for some time).

    What would be the best way to do this, while allowing local like access such as mapped drives?

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    Hey There,

    You should check out as I've heard good things about them and it appears to be what you are looking for etc.

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