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    Hi everyone I am new here!

    I have been reading around the site for a few weeks, trying to find a new host (today I finally did) and as a thank you to the community I wanted to feedback and review my previous host.

    So, my previous host was and here is the low down...

    In the beginning...
    I first signed up with several years ago, the process was very quick and simple. I hosted my site with them and after a few months I started recommending my clients sign up with them too. Overall I have referred around 8 other accounts to them over the last few years (even without any kind of affiliates scheme).

    For around 3-4 years I experienced very little down time and very reliable email service. My clients were the same.

    I also felt at the time they represent great value for money and still would do today were it not for the problems I am about to describe...

    The big email crash...
    Earlier on this year, had a problem with their email servers. They became very slow and unreliable for a period of around 1 week. Some days it was completely unusable as the backlog of emails grew.

    This was eventually fixed, but ever since i have noticed that the service is still a lot slower than it used to be. My clients also have noticed the problem too.

    Some weeks after, it emerged that emails were not getting through to Hotmail accounts (and still don't for me).

    This week, they did some maintenance on their SMTP server and I can no longer send any emails. The service status on their website does not show any errors.

    In the past, when I have had technical problems I found to be very prompt albeit a little "templated" in their responses. Often asking me to check FAQ links I have already read etc

    In the wake of the recent service I wrote them a lengthy email, asking if they would improve the service and what they would be doing to rectify it. I received another, very templated response that did not answer or even comment on the specific issues I raised in my email. Very frustrating.

    Sales Dishonesty
    One of the clients I referred to them signed up for a 3 month trial, selecting the basic package. However, after 3 months Streamline automatically gave him the unlimited package that cost the client a lot of money for a service they didn't need.

    Streamline would not downgrade it, or refund the cost.

    Web slow down
    Several of my clients websites now run very slow, particularly those using Wordpress. Even with wp-super-cache page loads can take upwards of 5-6 seconds.

    My own site seems to be fast enough for me, but Googles PageSpeed tool (albeit a beta) reports that it is very slow even though my site is pretty much just some static HTML.

    Overall frustration
    So, after 4 years of good service the recent slump became so bad I had to cut my losses and find a new web host. I had over a year left of my current contract but the service was so poor, and the support (probably swamped with complaints) became so templated I doubted it was even a human sitting on the other side of the ticket system.

    The fact that I am willing to waste over a years service I have already paid for, just shows how dissapointed I am with I know not even to bother contacting them about a refund, it just isn't going to happen because I will just get Lorem Ipsum sent back to me.

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    I tried them a few years ago. I also had a bad experience with them.
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    I've had a similar experience, but not with, though mine's a little much awful. They suspended my account as they said that I am "overusing" resources (On a month to month basis, I'm only using abt 600mb of bandwidth and 50mb of disk space; with 2 domains hosted with them, how can I overuse resources?). I was on a shared hosting environment by then.

    By getting the suspension, I didn't get to have my site files back, and would need to have it reuploaded and everything else. I asked abt the backup they had, as they advertised that they would do nightly backups and stuff, but they don't seem like really doing it. They never gave me any files I asked to have backup.

    I wonder how these kind of web hosting companies manage to disregard their clients just to earn money. Like, come on, we all do things for a living. But doing this to clients is just not nice.

    Anyways, I feel for you and I hope that you get a good chance to find another web host company that would give awesome support, as well as good and fair service.

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