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    Differences between cloud and colocation

    what are the differences of cloud and colocation, or is it basically the same thing?

    And are there any thoughts of colocation for hosting game servers OVER dedicated?


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    Well i have not that much command to tell you the difference but you should check Cloud Section for further details

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    Co location: Typically a data center where you have your own servers using their bandwidth and you lease space.

    Cloud: you can scale up or down as needed and is setup in a cluster of servers so this can happen and so that if your site goes down your still up because it moved to a different server.

    Cloud can be set up in a colocation data center though.

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    So in other words cloud is better for the most part.. Well as you stated above it can be used at a co-location center. So Just having co-location hosting with cloud is a better idea.

    I think my new host has cloud, but I find it slow still.

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