I've been searching around for a bit now, and either I'm just not searching for the correct things, or the information is hiding from me...

I'm currently planning a change of direction for my business...this change would involve multiple websites doing different things, but all "subsidiaries" of my main business/website.

For this reason, I plan to get Kayako for it's ability to run multiple helpdesks from one central backend.

I use WHMCS for my hosting offerings because...well...it's WHMCS

And the at least one of the other sites is a vbulletin forum that I need a helpdesk on.


Now to the questions: (sorry, I ramble a lot)

I know I can integrate WHMCS with Kayako, and vBulletin with Kayako, but has anyone ever done a successful integration of all 3 of them?

If so, would someone mind working me through that?


I was thinking simply using the integrations that already exist with both systems...but I wasn't sure if trying to crosslink all 3 of them would work right off the bat, register on 1 to register on all 3?