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    Windows VPS and Hosting Domains

    Hi,What are my options please.

    I want a Windows 2003 VPS to use as a remote desktop install simple aps like Firefox and Thunderbird and I would also like to host my new clients sites on the same server. Reseller is an option but not really needed.

    I'm comfortable with CPanel but I guess that will not work.

    I'm not a backroom tech and would like something easy to learn.



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    Your looking to host your clients on your Windows VPS? or you want two vps's? One for Windows and one for your clients thats linux?

    Any location you want this at? Which control panel would you like for your Windows VPS? Plesk? Helm?

    What is your budget?
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    Thanks for replying. Yes I want to host the sites I build on my VPS and also have access to the Windows Server 2003 remote desktop. If the server is in Atlanta for instance I want to see via the server search results as if I were my customer in Atlanta, or Dallas, etc.

    I would like to do this with a single server per city, I'm told it's possible I just know know what to order.

    Operating System. Not sure, user friendly is good, I'm not very good from a command prompt. I can always learn.

    Market rates, It's about the configuration not the price

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThetaMaster View Post
    If the server is in Atlanta for instance I want to see via the server search results as if I were my customer in Atlanta, or Dallas, etc.
    That's what we often do to check ranking on search engines from different locations

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