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    How to setup VPS?

    I'm a total newbie to VPS, does anyone know how I can use a dedicated server to offer cPanel VPS hosting solution?

    Which software would I need to use/install ?

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    You will first need to decide whether you are going to use Xen or OpenVZ. Then you need to install one of those and go from there.

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    First, you should select which Virtualization you want to go with. Will it be OpenVZ or Xen. Then install the selected.

    Install VPS Control Panel (SolusVM, HyperVM, etc)
    From the control panel, you'll be able to create containers (VPS) and then sell them to your clients. - Global Hosting Solutions
    We offer Shared, VPS & Dedicated Servers in multiple locations.
    Locations: Korea, Netherlands, Panama, Hongkong, Taiwan, Turkey, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Lithuania, South America, Vietnam.

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    Well said, BlaZeX

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    If you are new to this then asking your host provider for help would be a better option because they know what all resources they have provided and how a perfect VPS can be installed.

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    If you are really noob then your best bet is to hire someone who has better knowledge. Because, you are most likely going to mess up everything.

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