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    Best hosting for an Australian reseller

    For several years now I've been with JodoHost, who have been really great in terms of support and performance. Very happy with them as a company. My only concern has been pings and download speeds, since my clients are also Australian and of course Jodo's servers are in the US.

    Aussie bandwidth is very expensive, so I don't want to host here. But I'm wondering if there is a HSphere Windows & Linux hosting company, of proven good quality, with closer servers to Oz, perhaps in the SE Asia region, eg. Singapore?

    I wouldn't leave Jodo lightly, but if there a company with closer servers, that would be worth knowing, even as a temporary backup.

    Many thanks!
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    Where in the US is the current server located?

    You may want to consider servers located on the West Coast of US, eg. Los Angeles, CA which should have good connectivity to Australia.
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    If you were to consider Los angeles, I think the most common host who offers that location is EZPZhosting in WebNX DC. The speed are unbelievable.

    It have proven to have the faster response to Asia.

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    As Faris has said....definitely check out EZPZ's LA location.

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    Thanks, Jodo's servers have been in Florida, now moving to Texas. EZPZ Hosting seem comparable price-wise, but use cPanel not HSphere, from what I see on their reseller page.

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    Hey you can also check some close locations to Aus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jacobatwood View Post
    Hey you can also check some close locations to Aus.
    Any suggestions?

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    Whenever I've looked for hosting in the Asian countries I've found latency similar to west coast USA and prices similar to Australia - the worst of both worlds!

    If you're not prepared to pay the price of local hosting and you're happy with Jodo, I'd suggest you stay there. Moving to an LA host would only cut off 30 or 40ms (in 200 or so) - it would only be worth while if you really wanted to change hosts anyway.

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    What about AussieHost ? They have a good rep at WHT.

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    You should check i have an account with them for my Australian clients because i had the same problem when my clients were hosted on USA based servers. The speed you will given from Australian host you can't get it from any provider in USA.

    And since the purchase of reseller account which is more then 1 year now i never had a major downtime might be few but never noticeable by my clients and not a single problems mentioned by my clients

    I hope this will help

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    Thanks all, I've looked at Crucial and Aussiehost - it seems they use CPanel, and I'm after a HSphere system ideally.

    Are there any providers who have servers in India? I imagine that would be much quicker from Western Australia where my clients are.

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    Depends on the route you get. Have a play with this. I get a great route to from here: Sydney -> Melbourne -> Singapore -> A quick loop around the USA then all the way back to India - total 28,378 miles travelled.

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    I think InnoHosting and GeekStorage are also utilizing WebNX.

    Do you also might want to check
    They are hosted in a mix of NTT, PCCW, Level(3) via NetRiver.
    gate2vn just sent me a test file to test the speed since I'm also looking for alternatives.
    Ask for Server IP & Nameservers IP to check if your reseller provider truly provides 100% white-label.

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