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    Image with "hot spots" or tool tips with images in them?

    I am trying to find a solution to have a static image that has multiple "hot spots" or some type of tool tip bubble that can have an image in it. I can't seem to find anything that can do this, let alone have multiple "hot spots" per a single static image.

    I have found an example of what I am looking for. I can't seem to figure out how exactly they did this. Any ideas or suggestions on how to accomplish this would be awesome!


    it's tab number 3 "Tweak Your Settings" when you click one of the pink buttons either an image popup in a bubble or a little animated video.

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    dear,there is software adobe image ready,you can make such image in this...

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    What I am looking for is a little more complex than what Image Ready can do, it's not just a simple rollover. But thanks for the suggestion.

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    I think you should check its coding part. It may more help you to know about it.

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