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    Simple Forum

    I'm building a large site for a client and he's wanting a simple forum that his wife can manage. It has to do with custom fish baits he makes and sells.
    It needs to be simple, membership must be approved and password protected.
    Any suggestions?

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    You can use phpbb forum design,its very simple to use...

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    Boardhost would probably be the easiest.

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    phpbb is too complex a forum.. It has got a lot of features but its too complex .. since you say that his wife has t manage it.. i would suggest vanilla forums.. Its great .. simple fast light weight and easy to install and use.. you can find it here

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    If you mean a full discussion forum, phpBB is an open source and wonderful alternative which you may find useful las it lets you change what you want how you want. It also comes with a huge community behind it that develop add-ons and the likes.

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    try simple press it is really easy to handle just like its name just have a look on it

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