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    Premium Membership - domain email

    I have a motorcycle enthusiasts site with over 9000 members. I'm thinking about introducing paid Premium Membership service. I run my email through Google Apps. Should I offer [email protected] email addy to my Premium members? Obviously I don't want them using my domain name email to distribute spam...

    What other features can I offer to Premium members? What works and what doesn't?

    Thank you

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    It depends on how many members are likely to avail of your paid membership and whether they use a free email id at present.

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    There is some inherent risks in doing so. The potential for abuse with email is very high, from outright spamming to clogging your disk space with tons of incoming mail. Opening email up to the public, even as paid "premium" members, opens a potential security risk to be exploited. You also have to think of what happens when someone does cross the line and abuse it causing you to terminate that account's access. You have someone now who could Joe Job you in retaliation, or the ever lovely email bombing.

    I'm sure more experienced admins can explain things better but in the end, it does open risk as it's another point of access you're exposing.
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    As somebody else who runs motorcycle sites I'd advise against it. On our sites we don't do subscriptions but long standing members do get additional benefits like private areas, extra gallery space, garage etc.

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    Yes and no. But it should only be made available via your site, Online application. With this, they are not able to use Outlook or spam bot to sent spam.

    With the application as well, you can limit to how many emails they can send, or how often they can send an email / message. So this would be a combination of website inbox and email.

    That would be my suggestion to you
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    The risks seem to outweigh the benefits and potential issues... Thanks.

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