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    Hostopia Resellers


    New to this forum. We're considering moving away from our current reseller hosting to Hostopia's reseller program. Does anyone have any experience with their reseller services? How is their managed tech support and customer service? Reliable? How is dealing with them in general? Searches online seem to bring up many corporate buy-outs, acquisitions, etc. Their homepage seems a bit outdated too.

    Just wanted to see if anyone has any experience with them?


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    Hi Chewy,

    I don't have any experience with Hostopia but, a search through this forum could help. What are your requirements? Why do you want to move away from your current host?

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    Hey, thanks for the reply. Yes, I've searched as thoroughly as I can through the forums and there is a bit of information, but usually is incomplete. I've found reviews online but they are very outdated, 2007/2006 speaking of bad tech support. I'm not sure if they were only a hosting-outsourcing company at that point though.

    I'm specifically interested in their SaaS options and outsourced back office services (customer/tech support, maintenance packages, etc.)

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience.

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    Kindly scroll down to the bottom of the page and you see 4 threads about Hostopia.

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    I am very familiar with Hostopia,
    the control panel is outdate, if you are on cpanel and need to migrate them to hostopia it will be tough.
    Since Frank left the company (founder) they have done little but ride out their big customer base - and it is big - BELL Canada, Rogers, Verizon, -basically - the TELCO's shared hosting is through hostopia.

    and they do sell direct as well - through bluegeneses but they hide it -
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    Quote Originally Posted by PrestonHost-Faris View Post
    Kindly scroll down to the bottom of the page and you see 4 threads about Hostopia.
    Yea this is the outdated info that i'm finding (2006 and earlier) I think when they sold directly to the consumer. They're now more of a back office provider.

    To The Dominator:

    Were you a reseller before? Do you have any info about their customer service / end user support / SaaS offerings? If they provide for the Telco's though, this leads me to believe that they should be top notch, but reviews seem to say a different story. It's confusing. Why would all these big companies go with them if they weren't that great as i'm reading in these old reviews? I can't find any reviews about anyone reselling their services though.

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