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    How to? Disable copy, save, print; in docs.

    Hi, Webron here; new to website creation... I want my own website, to offer downloadable novels. (Later, cartoons and videos). My questions then:

    1) Can I paste my Word 2007 doc's directly into the website, or do I need to convert them to PDF first?

    2) Whatever the doc format, how do I disable the copy, save, print, and download functions? (...I want the visitor able to read the doc's only, but not be able to do anything else with them- unless they pay for a download first.)

    3) Also, how do I get copy-protection into a document, for after it's downloaded? -or where do I get that application or code from?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I'm assuming you are worried about people stealing your content. There are ways you can minimize theft with the documents themselves.

    Perhaps convert it all to PDF and secure the PDF before uploading.

    However, in my opinion, you might be better off displaying the content in a flash movie. That's probably your best option for displaying it in people's browsers.

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    Word documents can be protected from modification by the reader as can a PDF; although, PDFs do offer a little more protection that may not be available to a Word document. However, the viewer would still be able to download the document(s) though. If you wanted to disable that, you'd need to present your content in a different way to prevent it from being downloaded.
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    If a document is public it can be downloaded, no matter the format. There are some ways to obfuscate documents, hardest I've seen are provided by custom made java applets.

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    Flash can be decompiled.

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    You'd be better off just distributing normal non-DRM'd PDFs silently auto-tagged with identifying information of the downloader (such as signup username etc).

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