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    * Just signedup with Liquidweb : Experience so far

    After my ordeal with for windows hosting and a mistake of signingup with godaddy, i finally signedup for this 100$ VPS with Liquidweb yesterday. Signup was fast and i paid instantly. As it was late at night in my part of the world, i told them to call soon else i would be off to sleep but the call never came through. Well before signing off, i did drop a message about how my company was a verified business and that, i've been with wiredtree for years now .

    They took my word and marked my account verified. I was told of a setup within 4-8 hours. Well it did'nt happen and as it was early morning EST, i did'nt mind there taking a little long. However, when i did call them, i was told there was noone to setup a server and the guy on the other side had no clue when someone would be here to setup (Name withheld for privacy of the company). An early morning on weekend , i understood it might take sometime but i definitely not expected the executive telling me "i dont know when someone would be here !"

    It did take few hours more than committed but as we are not in a perfect world so i'll pass this delay for otherwise, there was someone all the time to talk to .

    Next i got an email after few hours from a server admin for setup being initiated for the VPS and it was good of them to let me know it finally started. However, there was something messy here. In the setup form liquidweb gets us to fill-in, it has a box for specifying the nameservers you desire and ideally, coming from cpanel VPS, i thought it would be taken care of but it was'nt. So i had to open a ticket and tell them it was'nt taken care of.

    While their technical staff does know what they're doing, there's still a fly in the ointment . That is, their 1st level staff dont even know what they're talking about ! Now i got on this live chat with an executive, i told him the issue and how i was waiting for a response. He said he'll inform a windows administrator about it and put me through to a tech. executive. Next i hear from this tech executive and i quote a part of my conversation :

    "1st Level Support: I'll sent the ticket to the Windows Administrators
    1st Level Support: I will also try transfering you to support

    "Tech. Support: To provide linux support I will also need your chat password.
    Me: its a windows VPS
    Tech. Support: Windows does not have chat support."

    As i said above, the 1st level support does not know what they're dealing with and that made things messy here as well with i being misinformed. Had i known i was not supposed to be on chat, i would have rather sent an email and never been on the chat at all. Well that being said, im still happy to be with them. Why ? Because :

    1. I've just come from 2 very unreliable companies with 1 of them taking days to respond. Its still better to have someone be in touch and know they are there to help !

    2. The tech support is good and they know what they're doing. Once my requests reached the tech support, they were attended promptly. However, the time does leave a little bit more to be desired !(ticket answered in over 45 minutes when SLA states 30)

    3. Reliability from the past reviews.

    There's a lot more to say but well...i'll leave it for my 1st month or 6 months review of Liquidweb.
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    Great review! Please report your post with a link to your hosted website for confirmation.

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    Excellent choice, LiquidWeb are fantastic and certainly know what they're doing

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    I've changed the nameservers for my domain right now so you think I should report now or wait for them to propagate ? Please let me know.
    If you're hunting with 1 Bullet, wait for a clean shot !

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