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    Installing Murmur on CentOS 32bit 5.4 + cPanel server


    I've been wanting to install Mumble (murmur) on my server, which I run on CentOS. But I've been having trouble with it and just doesn't work. I searched high and low, I only found the guide that is onMumble Wiki and it doesn't go past the downloading part.

    So any tips? Also should I install it directly with SSH access or go through cPanel?

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    I know this thread is a bit old but ran across it in search. Mumble can be installed on a cpanel server but needs to be installed via ssh. To my knowledge their is no addons, plugins or install scripts for cpanel. The newer gameserver plugin for cpanel may have the install scripts, but I am not sure. To install mumble via ssh simply make a directory in home like /home/mumble and wget your server files to that directory. Untar the .tar.gz files and edit the .ini config with the port you wish to use. default is 64738. Open these up in your iptables or firewall config both tcp and udp and run the ./murmur.86 and your server should be running. Goodluck

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