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    Web Development Site, Domain & Custom CMS

    I am selling a web development company as I am taking on a new role that will limit my time. This has been a very profitable business over the past few years, and has been my sole employment. We have brought in over $200,000 in business over the past two years.

    It will include:
    2. Our custom CMS, designed and refined over three years
    3. Logo and all branding rights
    4. All addon applications for HTCMS: eCommerce, Human Resource Management, Blog, etc.

    It is pretty much a turnkey business opportunity. The sales will be up to you, but with a reputable company name, website, and complex CMS it will not be difficult. We coded the content management system from the ground up to be a solid solution for businesses who want to have mid to high priced web design jobs with an integrated CMS. You can add templates to custom suit each client, and then offer them the whole package. We have all of the custom applications we have developed that plug into the CMS as well. The core app is an eCommerce solution that offers a catalog, inventory management, payment processing, shipping management, and a dashboard statistics system.

    I could go on and on about what we have, but the easiest would be to show any interested parties a demo site that they can play around with.

    If you are interested, please get in touch. I don't have a set price, but this is not a simple site and CMS. I am looking for buyers interested in a strong business opportunity.

    Contact me: [email protected]
    Cameron Wendt
    Chairman & CEO
    HyperTech Designs

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    I am still seeking a buyer if anyone is interested. If someone can take this off my hands for $1,500 I will sell it.
    Cameron Wendt
    Chairman & CEO
    HyperTech Designs

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    Price dropped to $500 if anyone is still interested. Please get in touch!
    Cameron Wendt
    Chairman & CEO
    HyperTech Designs

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    Ok please PM me demo details

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    Thanks, PM sent out.
    Cameron Wendt
    Chairman & CEO
    HyperTech Designs

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    Sold to elycomputers.
    Cameron Wendt
    Chairman & CEO
    HyperTech Designs

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