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Thread: meta tags?

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    meta tags?

    What is meta tags and how can it work?
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    Meta tag is used to tag your websites content like if your website is on SEO then you have to choose related keywords to insert in your meta tag to help search engine to index your website with those keywords or META TAG.
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    Yeah its simply your Title and Description, and keep them the right length i.e. Title 70 or less characters and Description 160 or less characters, as anymore more is pointless for keyword ranking.
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    Mata tags it's Title (70 characters), Description (140 characters) and your Keywords.
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    yea meta is what your site will be listed as when you search it through the website search engines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sanamuskan View Post
    What is meta tags and how can it work?
    Meta tags are tags used to tell search engines and visitors about content and theme of that page. Some of the well known meta tags are description and keywords tag.
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